We know to what extent RuneScape players have embraced the system

RuneScape 3 Gold has launched globally across 190 countries and in five languages, Jagex has announced. Following on from the hugely-popular and multi-Guinness World Record holding free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, the new launch marks the beginning of the Battle of Lumbridge, the first gaming experience created by players. Combat system, The RS2 combat system was unique and simple and in that case simple was good with that system runescape PvE (even tho it comes nowhere near the PvE experience of WoW or GW2) was a bit more challenging than it is now. And the abilities from the 3 conbat styles look really alike and that’s something they should improve on in my opinion.

RuneScape has its origins in an early graphical MUD that was written by Jagex’s founder, Andrew Gower, with his brother Paul. Both Andrew and Paul are still heavily involved with RuneScape in the technical and content sides respectively. The first public version of RuneScape was released in 2001 as a free game and the members’ option was added soon after. In 2003, we launched the beta version of the game that that is available now and renamed the early version, RuneScape Classic. The current version received a graphical overhaul in 2008 and we added a HD option for players. Our latest addition is The Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion, but Mark will tell you more about that!

Current players won’t need to worry about losing their avatars, nor will they need to make new accounts, which strikes me delightfully handy. Runescape may be moving into the future, but nobody is getting left behind. With HTML 5 and Web GL it will apparently run faster, use PC hardware more effectively, and the game world itself will see some big improvements in terms of textures and draw distance. The developers assure players that if they’ve been playing Runescape on an older PC, they can continue to use the Java client. Players will be given greater control over how they play the game, specifically in regards to the interface. Runescape 3’s interface is fully customizable, and parts of different interfaces can be pulled and attached to other ones, allowing players to use the features that are most important to them at any given time.

It seemed like a neat concept, but now we know to what extent RuneScape players have embraced the system. According to Jagex, $90,838 has been donated. The money will be spread across seven charities: Willow Foundation, Special Effect, Action For Kids, Games Aid, Internet Watch Foundation, HART and the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal. “The Well of Goodwill will remain in game, but you won’t be able to donate items there for the time being as we’re currently in the process of planning to support even more worthy causes in the near future,” wrote the company. “As soon as we’ve got everything sorted, the well will be reopened.”

Virtually everything you do gives you experience. RuneScape’s XP and levelling system is divided into 24 boxes (with a couple, as mentioned, only available to paying members). Cut down a tree, get 25 Woodcutting XP. Cut down just under 100 trees, and you’ll be able to… cut down new kinds of tree. Fire-making is another skill, which gives you something to do with all the trees you’ve cut down. And on the fires, you can level your cooking skill by toasting the prawns you got from grinding your fishing skill. Eat cooked meats to top up your energy during combat, which boosts your Defence, Strength, HP and Attack experience. Do your enemy the dignity of burying his bones, and you’ll get prayer experience.

Runescape Gold partly has the looks of a typical MMORPG. Aside from the usual MMO standards like item and party system, the story also starts out as your usual “makings-of-a-hero” fate. You set off as a lowly peasant, a new hero-in-the-works, swamped by mundane quests from the local townspeople. It isn’t until you’ve achieved higher levels and explored much of the world that you are forced into that epic medieval war of good versus evil.

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