The open-world games making as many of the options

The rebooted Blade and Soul series often suffers a bit from trying to be both an action game while dabbling in survival, but Rise of the Blade and Soul shows the team is learning how to get the balance. Yes, you’ll be fighting enemy soldiers and upgrading your weapons — although I stuck with the bow almost exclusively — but the only way you’ll truly excel is to pay attention to the hunting and crafting systems, as well as tracking down and besting the optional challenge game.

And you’re always given a fun reward for finishing them. blade & soul gold That’s beside the point however; they operate as a way to make fans of the classic games happy, while making sure that anyone who just wants to play through for the story can do so. How you play Rise of the Tomb Raider, and how completely you need to explore the secrets of this world, is up to you. Even Just Cause 3, another one of my favorite open-world games that did a good job of making as many of the options as fun as possible, ultimately gated your progression in the world by forcing you to go back and liberate an arbitrary number of settlements before moving forward.

More people are playing Blade and Soul on PlayStation 4 than on Windows PC and Xbox One combined, according to a third-party site that tracks server figures for noteworthy Electronic Arts games. Over the past 24 hours, Star Wars Battlefront has seen a peak of 188,171 players concurrently online on PS4, says Player Stats Network, compared to 113,696 for Xbox One and 48,292 for Windows PC. The latter two figures combined are still more than 25,000 users short of the PS4 total.

The figures themselves could be attributable to any number of factors other than sales, but with publishers increasingly reluctant to disclose sales figures for anything other than obvious mega hits, it gives at least a partial picture of the relative sizes of a big-name shooter’s constituencies. Rise of the Blade and Soul gives you more of the game if you’re willing to explore and master the game’s environments, and that’s a much better way to engage and reward the player. You’re doing things a certain way because that’s what Lara would have done, not because the game is forcing you to.

Every year the Polygon staff chooses 10 excellent games to award our Game of the Year honors, but that means some games we love don’t quite make the cut. As with last year, we’re running a series of opinion pieces by members of the Polygon staff explaining why certain games earned top marks from them even if they didn’t make our staff-wide Game of the Year list. My favorite trend of 2015 was open-world games getting “small,” or at least learning to deal with what’s important. buy blade and soul gold That’s why Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of my favorite games of the year, and it’s bonkers that it didn’t make it into our top 10 list.

Of course, one of the risks of making a deal to bring a once-multiplatform game to Xbox as a timed exclusive is that you may end up ahead financially when all is said and done, but you could lose mindshare. Until we know how well the game has or hasn’t sold on PC and PlayStation — and unless we find out how much Microsoft paid for the timed exclusivity — it’s impossible to tell whether it was a good decision in terms of profit. Whether the Xbox One exclusivity diminished the brand is a completely separate question and, sadly, that may be an easier question to answer.

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