Here are some tips for FIFA goalkeeper

We all know the goalkeeper in the football match is important. buy fifa points So we will also think of ways to improve our tactics when we play FIFA games. If you think so, I believe the following information may be helpful to you. Depending on how you tweak this, you’ll either lose stats or gain them. It’s extremely important to get this vital ingredient right as you’re only going to have this opportunity once, unless you start-up a brand new virtual pro that is. We’ve found that choosing the Acrobat playing style really pays off, as it increases your goalies GK diving and GK reflexes by a small but handy margin.

Some things changed with the controls for example when you press L1 it automatically positions you where the ball is going, and i could automatically claim crosses and loose balls this way. However in this game the keeper just positions himself but doesn’t grab the ball? in one instance a soft shot came to me pressed L1 and positioned automatically towards the ball but the keeper just stood there! in 12 he would have picked it up. If you select the traditional playing style, then your virtual pro will lose a little off of these two attributes and gain GK kicking, GK positioning, and GK handling. The first two that we mentioned are far more important attributes and you should definitely go for an acrobatic goalkeeper.

Andreas Isaksson: I think so. I’m 34 now and last season was a very good one for me. I feel better and better with every game so it’s not a cliché. It’s the ideal age for a goalkeeper and I’m not far off being at the top of my game. I don’t know if that’s true for all goalkeepers as I can only speak for myself, but I feel as if I’m in really good form. Your form with your club Kasimpasa seems to prove that. They have the best defensive record in Turkey along with Fenerbahce: just nine goals conceded in 11 matches.

Bring the goalkeeper out a bit, then let go off the “keeper rush” button and let him run back to goal. I’m sure you’ve seen this before on FIFA, people have been using it since I can remember! Try to score from far out – Which the goalkeeper usually saves if they’ve already started running back to the goal. Also, because your goalkeeper is much closer to the striker, there is much less to aim at for the striker therefore it’s harder to score. Chip the keeper – Chips are really hard to score now, you have to time them really well and get just the right amount of power in to the shot otherwise they will either barely come off the ground, or go way over the goal. Slow down a lot – Giving you the much needed time to catch up and make a tackle.

One of the most underused is the icon that shows you where your keeper needs to be placed in his area. By simply holding in LB on the Xbox 360, and L1 on the PlayStation 3 you can get a help in hand on where to place your pro when the ball comes towards you by using the directional button or left-stick controls. Obviously, the goalkeeper deserves some of the praise for that, but even if you’re the best keeper in the world you can’t do anything if the team in front of you doesn’t defend properly. The whole team is defending really well, which is great for me as the keeper. I’m delighted we’ve conceded so few goals up to now.

The height should be kept between 6’0 and 6’2. This is simply because if you put your height up any further, fifa points account then your goalkeeper will lose his agility, reactions, and jumping. All of these are really important stats to have in your locker and you don’t want to be losing any of them over how tall your keeper is. If you select your goalie to be any smaller than our recommendations, then the goal will seem a lot bigger and your pro will have to be a sensational shot-stopper to say the least. The footing doesn’t matter whatsoever! So you can select which ever feels comfortable for you, and the body type should be set to average.

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