The 15 best and worst new features of NBA 2K17

The wait is over, as is your free time. It’s here at last—the mothership game. The tester of relationships. The reason you and someone you love will communicate only in disappointed Bitmojis this weekend. Yep, NBA 2K17 launched at midnight on Thursday, and the rush is on to ransack the chest of new goodies in 2K Sports’ crown franchise. It’s yet too early for a full review, but the following are some first impressions of 2K17—a game that is huge, meticulous and trying to do things other sports video game franchises won’t.

“The Prelude” is worth it. I was not excited for “The Prelude,” a free mini-campaign released ahead of the rollout for 2K17. You create a player—a freshman entering his first (and only) year of college hoops—pick a school and then get as many buckets as possible while doing your best to pretend to be a good teammate and noble citizen of the game (you won’t be noble, and your teammates are too garbage to trust. But alas). I expected it to be thin and forgettable, but am pleasantly surprised by the story and production value put into project that tops out at 30-ish minutes of actual gameplay. The cutscenes were long, but a lesser franchise could’ve just filled the space between games with Dick Vitale screaming at a broom he thinks is people. nba 2k17 mt

Georgia Tech is not a thing. The coolest part of The Prelude is when you see that, yes, you are actually playing in your team’s stadium and against other recent college stars. Guarding the Buddy Hield—not “No. 24″—in the Final Four was as intense as it was novel. The only downside is the legally limited batch of schools to choose from—a selection that includes nine D-I programs and one large eye-wash station.

MyCareer: a lot of fun & Creepy Krzyzewski. I haven’t gotten too far into MyCareer yet, but you pick up right where the Prelude leaves off—in your dorm room, with an impressively uncomfortable call with Mike Krzyzewsk, who is all lip sweat and stomach ulcers as he invites you to play an exhibition game with Team USA. From there, you’re introduced to the real world—which means riding the bench, no one buying your jersey and having barely enough fans to start a fight. I’m excited to see how the narrative goes forward and whether Krzyzewski follows you from team to team like a clammy, paternal Zubat.

You will sweat getting drafted. In 2K17, getting drafted means sitting and staring and wondering what the hell is exactly taking so damn long. You can’t just skip to the part where the commissioner says your name and you hug him like a tall stick bug. In 2K17, you have to sit there and watch as the names before you come off the board. It’s a microscopic taste of what players go through on draft night and by the time your name is called you have memorized everyone who was taken ahead of you and ONE DAY YOU WILL TELL A BLOGGER ABOUT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC HATE-MEMORY.

Bigger MyTeam packs, less clutter. The bad part about 2K’s ambitious in-game economy was its tediousness. Opening packs was slow and wonky, and you can go through the motion of selling back a duplicate four-day contract only so many times until something deep within you shatters forever. 2K17 addresses a few of these issues, offering 20-pack boxes for the big and rich, faster unboxing animations and a more streamlined system for liquidating duplicate cards. You’ll still have to sift through your collection with rope and a metal detector for your badges and shoes, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Friends with benefits. Another new twist this year in MyTeam is the introduction of the “Dynamic Duo”—a potentially devastating stat booster that gives certain pairs of players a performance bonus whenever they’re on the court together. A good example would be Klay and Steph taking the floor in the same lineup and receiving a boost to their moving three-pointers.  A weird example would be Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson fusing Dragonball Z-style to form Baldgeta. He would have the most devastating and biannual dunks.

LeBron is an 85 and that’s OK. There are 10 different card colors, or levels, in 2K17—twice as many as players were offered in the last release. This means there’s going to be a lot more cards and a lot more variety for collectors to look forward to. So don’t freak out over a stock model LeBron James pull being rated the same as Dwight Howard’s card from 2016. There will be many more unfathomably powerful LeBrons to be had down the pike.

There’s a lot more contact. The first difference you notice after firing up 2K17 is the texture—players no longer just slide around each other like an amoeba in a dish. There’s a sense of friction when you charge into a crowded lane that forces you to change the way you cut and pursue. You can’t just charge toward the hoop and expect that it’s going to work out. More likely, a wild dash at the rim will get you armbarred and sent backpedaling toward the baseline. It’s a new dynamic that rewards timing without noticeably slowing play or turning the paint into gridlock. People who are in your way are actually in your way. Which brings us to our next point…

All arms matter now. Unlike in past games, arms are important in 2K17—your arms, your opponents’ arms. Everyone’s arms. You’ll notice quickly that your teammates tip passes more than they ever did in 2K16, and will even try to smack away entry lobs without you having to line it up three seconds ahead of time and do it yourself. Steals also have seen a major overhaul. There’s now a variety of swiping animations that play out in accordance with the in-game situation at hand. Trying to pickpocket a dribbler no longer begins and ends with one hideously futile swipe that may or may not have been inspired by a mother cat gathering her kittens.

The realness officially has become terrifying. Curry’s jumper is his jumper on a molecular level. It was close before, but players’ unique celebrations and shooting style now look like they’ve been siphoned from their bodies and thrown onto the screen. It’s as cool and creepy as it sounds.

The ball is no longer on a string. You’re going to chuck a few balls into the 10th row in your first few games. This is due to an apparent change in ball dynamics—specifically, the basketball moves like a basketball now instead of a cross-court homing missile. Shots and passes alike seem to hang a fraction longer in the air, and the result is more loose balls and airmailed touchdown passes. This sounds like, well, not the funnest, but the end result is a less predictable and more genuine game flow. 2K17 wants you to feel like you’re shooting a basketball, not a packet of data that made up its mind before it left your hand.

Throwing an alley is now as easy as throwing an alley oop. I don’t know why 2K16 insisted on making it a Cirque du Soleil level possibility, but it’s been fixed.

The state of the 2K Beats union is strong. As a game packaged for all ages, 2K’s soundtrack has to walk a tight line between “relevant and good” and “technically not telling children to spray down bottle service waitresses with Veuve Clicquot.” They’ve pulled this feat off again for 2K17 with a strong list of headliners in Drake, Future, Skepta, More Drake, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Young Thug, Popcaan, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake Yet Again. There’s also “Adesso Sono Qui” by Ghemon—my clubhouse leader for “Non-English 2K song that takes up permanent residency in your soul.”

Justice Young is the worst. You meet Michael B. Jordan’s character “Justice Young” immediately after being drafted, and it becomes abundantly clear that this man will need to be dealt with. Because Young is stubborn, and as the team’s second-round pick, he is determined to keep your ego in check and push you. You will eventually become your best friends once you buckle down and start playing basketball The Right Way. I will not rest he is traded to the Kings. Dan is on Twitter. He’s penciled in some sleep for Sunday but we’ll see how this playoff run goes.

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Pokemon Go trainers have reported a bug in the game

Are you powering up the wrong Pokemon?
Pokemon Go Leveling trainers have reported a bug in the game where you can accidentally use stardust to power up the wrong Pokemon without realizing it. If you’ve ever thought you were powering up one Pokemon, only to realize that you somehow powered up the wrong one, this may have happened to you, too. Is there any fix to the problem?

Here’s what you need to know:
If you have your Pokemon sorted by number and you start powering one up, there’s a very real possibility that at some point you will accidentally power up the wrong one. Redditor aspidistral explains it this way: Suppose you have two of the same Pokemon, but only want to power up one of them. Pokemon A, the one you want to power up, is 1270 CP and Pokemon B is 1280 CP. Once you power up Pokemon A past 1280 CP, the game will automatically switch the Pokemon on your screen to being Pokemon B. This means that if you’re just hitting the “power up” button over and over without reading which Pokemon you’re powering, you might accidentally start powering up Pokemon B instead of A.

This is because you have the Pokemon sorted by CP number. For some reason, the game is set up so that whichever Pokemon you’re looking at is determined by its absolutely position, not the Pokemon itself. So once the Pokemon in that “position” changes, the Pokemon on your screen will change too. In other words, if you’re viewing number 5 on the list, once you power up your Pokemon to be number four, your screen will switch so you are seeing the new Pokemon that’s now number 5 on the list.

One way to avoid this problem altogether is to sort your Pokemon by type rather than number. Some trainers have sorted by name and still encounter the problem because the “sub-sort” is still CP. When you’re powering up your Pokemon, make sure you pay attention to the CP bar. If it suddenly changes, you know you’re powering up the wrong one. Or rename the Pokemon you’re currently powering up, so you can know at a glance if it switches to the wrong one.

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let me share some cross-generation evolutions for the Pokemon

Every Pokemon is able to evolve basically.Here are some Pokémon with cross-generation evolutions. Hold onto those Pokémon in Pokemon GO!

As in like Gen 1 to Gen x? Sure, let me work on it.
Edit here we go, in order of numbers
Golbat -> Crobat (Stage 3)
Gloom -> Belossom (Stage 3)
PollyWhirl -> Pollitoad (Stage 3)
Slowpoke -> SlowKing (Stage 2, final)
Magneton -> Magnezone (Stage 3)
Onix -> Steelix (Stage 2, final)
Lickitung -> Lickylicky (Stage 2, final)
Rhydon -> Rhyperior (Stage 3)
Chansey -> Blissey (Stage 3 with pre evolution)
Tangla -> Tangrowth (Stage 2, final)
Seadra -> Kingdra (Stage 2, final)
Scyther -> Scizor (Stage 2, final)
Electabuzz -> Electivire (Stage 3 with pre evolution)
Magmar -> Magmortar (Stage 3 with pre evolution)
Buy Pokemon Go Account

5 more Eeveelutions
Porygon -> Porygon 2 -> Porygon Z
Munchlax, Magby, Elekid, Smoochum, Mime Jr.,Happiny, Tyrouge, Igglypuff, Cleffa and Pichu are pre evolutions to Snorlax, Magmar, Electrbuzz, Jynx, Mr.Mime, Chansey Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan, Jigglypuff, Cleffairy and Pikachu respectively.

Our website offers fans every kind of Pokemon Go tips to improve your game experience.There are more cross-generation evolutions for the Pokemon in the game. Keep a eye on our updating to find more tips about the evolutions of Pokemon.

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How to optimize the breeding system in Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game use the devices’ GPS capability to locate, capture and train the Pokemon. The game mode is fusing the virtual space and real space together which makes you can catch Pokemon in the real world by your smart phone. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex, a comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia, by capturing and evolving to obtain the original 151 Pokémon. It’s really popular. Since its launch, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile apps, reportedly having been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. And Nitantic has always optimizing the game.

Today we will not talk about the tracking system and the accuracy of throwing the Poke balls. Let’s talk about how to get more fun in Pokemon Go. Pokémon Go is still missing out on some really important features. Players have been patiently waiting for something to do in the mobile app besides walking around and holding onto Gyms for a few minutes at a time. Pokemon Go Account For Sale Catching and battling are fun, but trading and even breeding are all important parts of the main Pokémon franchise that would breathe some life back into the game for those that have started to get bored.

Breeding Pokémon would be the easiest thing to implement and here’s the right way it should be– starting with eggs, which are the byproduct of two Pokémon getting freaky in a Daycare Center, all Niantic would have to do is turn some Pokestops or Gyms into Daycare Centers and allow users to drop two of the same Pokémon off for a few hours until they make a baby. That way, you’d know what exactly is in the egg without having to guess. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a 10 km egg to hatch, only to end up hatching a Pinsir.

Now that we know how the eggs would get made, we have to figure out how genders would work. Right now in the Pokémon games, genders are pretty much assigned randomly to a Pokémon when you encounter it for the first time, with some Pokémon only able to be male or female. Buy Pokemon Go Account With Pokémon Go , I think the same formula could apply, though that would lead to some problems. Finding a specific Pokémon in the real world is difficult enough, imagine if you also had to find one with the correct gender.

If you want a male Magmar, you’d have to cross your fingers and your toes every time you’d manage to find one. Niantic probably has their own plan for this already, but it’s always fun to speculate. We all want to be able to breed two high CP Dragonites together for the chance of getting a 100 IV Dratini. It would essentially add another layer of depth to the game that might keep players who like training and getting stronger Pokémon.

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Athletes expressing frustration that they couldn’t play the Pokéman Go in Rio

We all know that Olympic Games will be held in Rio on August. There will be about 10,500 athletes competing in the Olympics from 5 to 21 August in Rio, plus 5,000 coaches and team officials. Athletes who have arrived at the Olympic village have expressed disappointment about the game Pokéman Go not being widely available. What’s Pokéman Go? Pokéman Go is a hit, augmented reality game, in which players roam around the real-life world to collect virtual monsters and medals. It’s really popular now and you can see people taking their phone in the street and catch Pokéman. Thousands are out searching for pokemon characters as the mania spreads.

Some 30 nations already have the game from U.S. technology company Niantic, which uses characters created by Japanese video game maker The Pokemon Co. Players use their mobile devices to search various real-life locations in hopes of finding and capturing virtual Pokémon characters such as cuddly yellow Pikachu. Pokemon Go Account For Sale The Olympics officially open Friday in Brazil. The game can work anywhere in the world using GPS, but it is not officially available for download by local users in Brazil. And the representative for Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go for mobile devices, declined to comment on the exact timing of the game’s release in Brazil.

Some in Brazil have questioned how Pokémon Go players will stay safe. Robbers in other countries have targeted distracted mobile phone players, and Brazil’s steepest economic recession since the 1930s has been stoking crime and straining public finances. There have been threats of police strikes on the eve of the Games. In the United States, some players have been drawn down dark alleys and into dangerous neighborhoods in search of the imaginary creatures, only to be targeted by criminals. Players have also been involved in car accidents.

The official Twitter account for Pokémon Go tweeted that it was working hard to roll out the game in South America’s largest country and told fans to “stay tuned”. And there are other good news. “Break out the sneakers and Poké Balls, and get ready to explore the world around you,” read a message on the game’s Facebook page. “We are excited to officially be putting Pokemon GO in the hands of our Latin American fans, visitors, and the Olympic athletes in Rio!”  Pokémon Go Account It means maybe athletes can play  Pokemon Go in the soon future in Rio. Olympic athletes aspiring to grab the gold in Rio can now also set their sights on being the next Pokemon champion. The creators of Pokémon Go are doing everything possible to release the blockbuster mobile game in Brazil in time for the opening of the Rio Olympics on Friday.

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Runescape game are becoming increasingly popular

Runescape game are becoming increasingly popular. buy rs gold Where you used to only Solitaire and Hearts could play, there are now many more games with cards. For example, you have Magic Runescape game The Gathering: What I like about steel dragons is that you’re completely safe/protected, and that you don’t have to bank very often. I’m looking for a monster that would be lower level than iron dragons, but still provide a safe environment, decent drops, and significant length of time (30-60 minutes) between each banking.

The episode opens with Steven and Connie taking selfies. Connie says she wants to take Runescape game with the ocean view behind them. They try to take a selfie, but fail. As they try again, Jamie arrives with the mail. Steven eagerly runs to meet him and introduces Connie. Jamie explains that he was in Kansas, trying to become an actor, but returned because he missed being a mailman. He then gives Steven a large mailbag and asks for Runescape game multiple signatures.

Duels of the Plain Walkers and the popular Hearthstone. Jagex soon release Chronicle Runescape Legends, a new card game. What kind of game it is, you can read in the Chronicle Runescape Legends preview. Invention is a latest skill in RuneScape released on January 25th. This skill is focused on the disassembly of items, the discovery of projects, the building of Runescape game items, the leveling of augmented items, and the adding of perks to items. It is Runescape’s 27th skill, as well as the first elite skill. The skill requires level 80 Divination, Crafting and Smithing to start leveling.

Runescape game Invention is the second skill (after Dungeoneering) to have a level cap higher than 99. It has both a cape of accomplishment and a master cape of accomplishment, both of whom are sold by Doc. These both feature emotes, which are slightly different from each other. A retro style cape of accomplishment will also be released a week after the skill is released. Runescape game Invention is aiming at utilizing out-of-date items to produce materials for augmenting and leveling up items.

Through disassembling Runescape game items and using materials you can unlock new things in the inspiration and discovery, which will enhance the gameplay experience and make it full of inventing fun. Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a card game that has already been announced by Jagex on RuneFest. Runescape is the ever-popular MMORPG that is free to play. Runescape Legends brings the RuneScape universe to life in a rs gold kind of book where you send one of the four legends of adventure and your enemy or make yourself stronger or weaker to eventually win.

The game is currently in a closed beta phase, but already playable for a select audience. When you start the Runescape game, you get a book for you pinch chipped which you open with a push of a button. In this book plays the game take place, hence the name chronicle. The object of the game is to win your legend to leave the war and the enemy’s legendary defeat during your trip. You send your legendary namely through various areas and in between you can make your character stronger or cut your enemy.

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Runescape Players will need currency to purchase much-needed equipment

Runescape Players will need currency to purchase much-needed equipment but unlike in the real world, there’s no need to have a day job. Quests can be completed for monetary reward. rs 07 gold RuneScape is a free browser based MMORPG that was released in 2001. Over time the game has seen countless innovations and content additions, all of which aim to provide the best MMO experience that the technology can provide. If you’re a bit strapped for cash and looking for a similar experience, check out Rift.

AdventureQuest Worlds, and Lord of the Rings Online.~ Mason Hoberg. The Best Quests in the Business. Farming is an in-game activity where players gather loot from slain monsters and sell them to other players or NPCs. There are even players who offer their service to others for a fee. This includes escorting them on quests and providing help on a number of matters.

This part of online games is as important as leveling up and going head to head with other players. First, RuneScape is an open player-versus-player (PvP) world, where almost any player can attack and kill any other player. Cities will have powerful, non-player controlled characters (NPCs) that will jump in and attack anyone who starts a fight, but with enough high-level players, they can be overpowered.

We accept Paypal as our primary method to buy rs gold and runescape 2007 gold. If you don’t have a paypal account you can still place an order for rs gold quickly and easily as a Paypal guest as checkout to pay with your credit card directly. For larger orders of runescape gold, we accept bank transfer, bitcoins, playerauctions, WU, and a variety of other payment methods. Welcome to This website offers a list of all the best free games like Runescape. How to find what you are looking for:

Top 5 Browser MMORPGs List – click here if you are in a hurry and just want to find the best browser MMORPGs based on quality and popularity. Games Like Runescape List – are you a current or former Runescape player who is looking for a game that is very similar to RS? Then this is the list you are looking for. Games are listed based on their similarity to RS. Upon receiving payment our agents will quickly check your payment and deliver your RS gold instantly! Most of our rs gold orders are completed within 20

We found this morning that the spawn locations have been constantly full of people just murdering each other, so we’re currently dealing with that problem,” DarkScape senior producer buy rs gold Conor Crowley told Motherboard. The area where players are spawning (entering the game) has some guards in place, but the volume of killers at the moment is way more than they can handle. It’s a good problem for Jagex because it indicates players are interested in DarkScape, but the plan is to spread out the spawn points so players can have a moment to get sorted before being killed.

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Runescape is a MMORPG based on a medieval fantasy era

DOOM is back in more ways than one. runescape gold The latest in the line of demon-splattering shooters goes for a deep pull and drags classic DOOM into the mix with hidden levels to explore. To discover one of the classic levels, you’ll need to find a special lever that then opens a door somewhere in the stage. The developers at iD say there is one classic DOOM level in every mission, so let’s go hunting. Join us as we track down the full list of classic DOOM levels in DOOM (2016).

Fifteen years is a long time, especially where video games are concerned. Whereas developers traditionally keep their franchises fresh through sequels, add-ons and engine upgrades for greater visual fidelity, MMOs like RuneScape are a different beast altogether. Because we ask you to complete a short survey before we send you a runescape game card code, we earn money from networks who pay for these surveys to be done. We use this money to buy game cards for you, and there is some left over to pay for hosting and advertising.

After completion of a survey, the webpage will be unlocked, and you are then free to enter an email address where we can send you your free runescape membership. Please allow up to five minutes for our runescape game card to arrive before resubmitting your email address. Designed as games with experiences that are intended to last for as long as possible by way of a large social space and open world, they’re often left behind on the technology front. Runescape is a MMORPG based on a medieval fantasy era.

Runescape offers both free and paid game-play, but any serious Runescaper will be found on a Pay to Play world. There are several ways to pay for your membership, but it gets rather expensive. If people can’t afford the $10 a month, or don’t have any means of paying for it, then there are three options. One of them is running down to Walmart and getting a $25 AM-EX card, plus the activation fee(but its around $6 per month); getting a prepaid card; or you can get it for free.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I want it for free. But, before doing anything else, let me personally tell you: CODE GENERATORS DO NOT WORK! It doesn’t matter how real they seem, they do not work. They are fake programs that either have worms/viruses on them, or just a complete waste of time. Never download a code generator of any kind! You only have to look at the vanilla areas in Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft to see evidence of that fact. cheap rs gold The classic DOOM levels aren’t exactly as they were.

You won’t be fighting the original’s monsters or using their simple weapons. This is closer to that similar Wolfenstein: The New Order Easter egg. The codes get updates daily to ensure everyone will get their own personal code. No two codes are the same so you will always have access to your free membership! The previous version of this hack has been a favourite among many Runescape players and with the newest release we only hope to allow more and more people to enjoy this free way to enjoy Runescape.

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RuneScape and Idle Adventures are separate games

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is a game with a pretty self-explanatory title. It’s not something with a competitive edge, or a need to overcome great hardship in a tumultuous story, cheap rs gold but rather something altogether more relaxed and, well, idle. Idle Adventures comes from a happy marriage between Jagex and Hyper Hippo. Jagex have the popular fantasy world of RuneScape and are looking to expand into new areas to celebrate their 15th anniversary, with the growth of idle games an avenue they wanted to explore, but instead of going after it by themselves – as they have done for their interesting card game.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends – they turned to the creators of one of the most popular idle games in the Jagex offices. The creators of AdVenture Capitalist, Hyper Hippo just so happened to be RuneScape fans from way back when. AdVenture Capitalist starts off with squeezing lemons, opening pizza chains, and so on, tapping or clicking away until you can afford someone to do it for you. Idle Adventures, however, will benefit from being stepped in the lore of the RuneScape world, leading to something that should hopefully feel more like an RPG, just one that’s been simplified and boiled down to the barest of basics.

Hyper Hippo are the best at what they do, and they’re heading up development of Idle Adventures. As every quest chapter opens, a rich environment is revealed and offers up four slots for card placement, each representing a step forward and action point in the adventure. In the role of a chosen Legend, players select up to four cards from their deck, which can be a mix of Support and Enemy cards each with an action and specific values. These are then placed in the slots on the landscape and locked in sequence. In Chronicle, the player’s cards are both their greatest weapon and weakness.

Like any great role playing game, players slay monsters, bosses and other foes to gain loot. Unlike other card games, players need to battle their own cards, rather than their opponents. We’re involved with creative direction and game design – making sure that the new game is a good fit for Gielinor. Other than that, it’s down to them. Lead designer of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends had this to say about the game’s launch: “It’s just two weeks until we officially throw open the doors to Chronicle’s Hall of Legends on 26th May, and its launch on Steam is only the beginning for what we have planned.

RuneScape and Idle Adventures are separate games – there’s no need to play one to enjoy the other – but we hope you’ll find that they’re both great ways to get your adventuring fix. runescape gold Fans of RuneScape will be excited to see cards based off of the original game, including Morvan the Slayer Master. Morvan brings with him a completely new strategy to explore, giving players even more options in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The launch of the game on Steam also brings with it the debut of a new ranking system, featuring plenty of epic rewards for you to earn. It starts with creating your character, the gigantic World Guardian, before setting them off to go and look after the world of Gielinor.

Your job is quite simply to set them off and complete various tasks in the background of the rest of your day to day life, whether it’s training, fighting or questing. When Jagex started talking about one of the fastest growing new genres of gaming in recent years, I was a little confused. Though I’ve played a handful of what they call “idle games”, I’d never really pondered the genre into which they fit. Cookie Clicker is almost certainly the best known of these, as you initially start off clicking to make cookies, using the points earned to hire people, machines and much, much more to make cookies faster than you could possibly manage yourself.

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Black Desert Online features an impressive graphics engine

I wrote this in my guild forum but thought someone on here might be interested. Most of you who have played both betas or spent time on other regions servers probably already know all of this stuff. Once you’ve found the node, make use of the world map to see how it connects to the closest city. Every node between it and the city needs to be activated, which is done by speaking to the Node Manager of each one, selecting Node Management, and then contributing the required amount of Contribution Points.

Keep in mind that the actual gathering points you will be sending your black desert daum account workers to must be invested into as well- activating just the first node is not enough. This visual quality extends to the rest of the world. Black Desert Online features an impressive graphics engine, with great lighting, a full day/night cycle, and dynamic weather. These systems all work together to create wildly varied world conditions. Standing on a hill at dusk on a clear day looks completely different from standing on that same hill on a foggy morning. Snow falls, sand storms whip up, and heavy rains blanket the countryside.

Even better, this is one of the few MMOs where night actually feels like night in the real world; you’ll need to equip a torch, otherwise, you won’t be able to see beyond your immediate area. Is there a decent amount of pop-in and framerate dips at times? Sure, but I think it’s worth it for some of the vistas you’ll find. Initial reports revealed that “Black Desert” release date for PS4 is expected somewhere in 2016 and while Pearl Abyss has yet to confirm the update, it seems a plausible launch given that an open beta was launched last year and development has been progressing.

With the support of Heilang, the divine beast, the Tamer can perform ruthless combination attacks or take enemies down on their own, by borrowing divine forces. Though innocent at heart, the Tamer is able to channel their passion into a powerful fury that will sweep past any obstacle. In addition to introducing the Tamer, Daum Games is happy to share that the Calpheon region, including its major city with the same name, will also make its debut in the Beta. This largely rural area is one of Black Desert Online’s most expansive, promising magnificent landscapes.

The developer’s vision of creating a PS4 version of “Black Desert” has been revealed almost two years ago in a report by DualShockers. During Gamescom 2013, Pearl Abyss was “considering bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One, but before that they need to have the PC version stable and working. They already had a meeting about this with Sony about a console version, while they didn’t yet meet with Microsoft (they did meet with the Windows publishing team. Hey all, after spending the second beta doing a stupid amount of alchemy and struggling with the headaches it gave me I decided I’d do a quick guide outlining some important info.

In this post I’ll be addressing the basics of Alchemy and Crafting (including house Purposing), some particular nodes, and a few other minor observations I’ve made. In the old Everquest days, MMOs were hard and obtuse. These games would throw you into a world with some explanation, but you ultimate direction to be puzzled out. black desert daum cash Communities sprung up around providing these explanations for players who simply didn’t have the time or inclination to puzzle things out. This had the added benefit of improving player communities through the sharing of relevant information.

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